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This is a portfolio, a collection of some of the illusions build by TeamMagic.

We manufacture, engineering and design high quality illusions for professional and amateur magicians. We mainly build in aluminum and high quality birch-plywood. We do paint on wood and aluminum with powder coating for best result. All customers and projects are welcome.


Smoke Chamber

Is there a better way to start your show?

This is perfect for modern illusion shows. A plexiglas chamer is wheeled on to stage and the audience can see thrue the empty cabinet. I a matter of seconds, the chamber have been filled up whit smoke. As the fans takes uot the smoke and light start up giving you a shape of a person the audience can now see the illusionist inside the chamber. 

Showing is two versions thats is the most popular. A rustic and the aluminium version. Both very deceptive and have some clever solutions. Comes whit off-stage controller. 


Deceptive Steps

The most versatile illusion accessory you can have. They can be used with virtually any prop you have to facilitate a vanish or exchange. Here you can see the steps whit a platform and a DaKolta chair. 

All parts are sold sepretly or as a bundle. 


Gravity Box

On the stage sits an old cardboard box resting on a table set low to the ground. At the magician’s command, the box takes on a life of its own! It shakes, tips backward and forward. Standing behind the box, the magician lifts it and suddenly lets go as the box seems to be airborne and floating all by itself. It shifts from side to side when, suddenly, out from the box top pops up a beautiful young lady. This illusion can quickly and easily be themed to be a Christmas gift or a sponsored crate or feature a company logo. 

On the pictuers we have a aluminium frame whit spandex and a wooden box style. 



Levitating Man

In the middle of the air is man resting, just holding on the a floorball stick.

The spectaters can walk around and behold this impossible trick from alla angles. 

Do you have any other ideas on how to put a theme to this illusion. Let us know and we help you thru the whole process. 


Appearing Crate

As you can see on the picture this is a universal illusion prop.

Stack tiers on top and make a racingcar driver appear. 

Let the birthday kid appear in a birthday cake. 

The ideas are endless. Truly a versitle prop. 



You can be performed surrounded and even up close. She steps into a tall cabinet with the assistans head and hands exposed. The magician moves her head and hands up and down in an unbelievable fashion. The prop is big and showy, yet it packs flat.

We make this one so your assistans or the illusionist can be inside the illusion.  

The version showned here a a red pvc coverd one. This however can be design as a round tube, a pyramid or any of you other ideas.

This one always adds a laugh.


Fire Spiker

A lady takes her position within the cabinet. The door is closed, her hand extends through a small hole in the front cabinet. Suddenly, 8 spikes attached to a rack are thrust through the side of the container. They protrude out of the other side as the magician quickly opens the front and back doors to show that she has vanished. The doors are again shut and the spikes are pulled back. In a flash she pops up out of the top and then a total surprise-another girl pops up out of the top.

Showing here are two different moddels. One a little bit smaller.

Note: If you want this one whit a set of steps a additional royaltie fee will be added to the price. And an arrangement whit Mark Kalin have to take place.


The Twister

Your assistant is placed in an upright cabinet. Only her face and legs are in view. A smaller box is holding her head in place as the top box is spun around, giving the illusion that her head is rotated over and over again in 360 degrees. As if this is not enough, the front doors are opened and her body is seen tightly wound as if it were a rubber band! All is reversed and she is released unharmed. 

Showen here i s a Zebra version. Let us know what ideas you have have to this classic.


Shadow Theatre

The magician shows an empty box. He lights a bulb in the top and closes the front, allowing the front panel to be shown fully lit. He stands at the back with a folded piece of paper and unfolds the paper, creating a shadow in the box. When the paper is unfolded, it resembles a vase. The light is extinguished and the magician opens the front of the cabinet revealing a large, solid, vase. The vase is placed aside and his assistant enters the cabinet. The front is closed and the assistant’s moving shadow is clearly seen on the front. The magician reaches in and “folds” her shadow just as if it were a two-dimensional shape. He continues this action until he has folded the shadow into a small square of paper. 

Royalties to Jim Steinmeyer will be added to the price.


Crystal Casket

this illusion is truly one of the most versatile props in magic. The illusionist presting a empty plexiglas box on a table. A cloth is put over the plexiglas box and seconds later, the cloth is removed and a assistant have suddenlt apper in the plexiglas box.

You can perform this in one, up close as well as surrounded. 

As an exaple we have two JC-Sum design showing to the here. 

Royalties to JC-Sum will be added to the price.


Assistanst´s Revenge

A true classic. The illusionists neck are put in a big stock and looked.The rest of the body are fastenid in four leather straps. A curtian is pulled around the whole unit and the magician and assistant have change places. It all happend in just 4 seconds!!


Appearing Table

Perfect opening illusion. This is made to be used in many different ways. Use it for a Vampire illusion effect or a vertical shadowbox. Contact us for more detils on how you whant it to be made and colored. 


Sawing A Parrot In Half

The idea from this comes from Paul Osborn, and this is a upgraded version witch is easier to operate. 

The Magician puts a parrot or a small rabbit in the small decorative house. two aluminim blades are shown and devides the hous in to to parts. 

To show the animal did not got harmed the front doors on the house is opened and show the inside is empty. All is reversed and the animal is happly walking out from the house. 


The Stack Of Boxes.

Based on the idea from Andrew Maynes
- Any Way You Stack It.

5 boxes are stacked upon etch other, one at the time, and a assistant magically appear inside the stack. A new design that is very deceptive.


The Fire Cage

This fast paced illusion is perfect for today's audience! The effect is simple and straightforward. A small cage is shown empty. With a dramatic gesture from the magician, the cage bursts into flames, the front door is closed, a drape is pulled over and, with no hesitation, the drape is thrown aside and up stands your beautiful assistant in place of the flames! It literally happens in an instant and the girl appears to be much too large to have been hidden anywhere in the cage.

We made the illusion in aluminium or steel. 


Falcon illusion

A cage is placed in a box.
The box is placed behind a decorativ mirror. 

The magicians introduces a parrot and holds it in front of the mirror. 
whit a small cloth the magicians covers the parrot and when he removes it, the bird is gone.

Spinning the mirror around the small box is removed from the mirror and inside the box and inside the cage is the parrot. It have magicaly going thru the mirror, box and cage. 

We also made this illusion in any kind of wood if you perfer. 


Weakeling Sawing In Half

Alan Wakeling's creation.

"The best sawing i half" - many people says.

The lady is placed on the table. A neck shackle and ankle shackle are locked on to her with ropes running down and out the bottom of the table. Two spectators hold the ropes that keep her immobile on the table. Two ordinary ungimmicked boxes are shown and placed over her, completely covering her. The magician passes blades through the boxes, cutting her in half yet, when the doors in the boxes are opened, she is still reclining in the boxes. Finally, two blades cut her in half and the boxes are separated. Throughout it all the spectators hold the ropes tight, keeping her secured to the table. This is a presentation illusion and should only be presented by a performer with a commanding stage presence. All items used can be examined and the selected audience members are not stooges

Seen on the picture is a version make for a tall man. 

Normaly the boxes are smaller-

We decorate this to your wishes. 


Bamboozeld / Boo Staff

n performance, the magician displays a small box resting on a thin table. He opens the top lids and, using a set of small front steps, he climbs into the box as assistants close the top lids. His hands pop out of two holes in the top. A assistant comes on stage with a long Bamboo stick. The stick is positioned on the side of the box and the side is slowly pushed in up to the location of the moving hands. Quickly, the hands retreat within the box as the side is pushed in all the way to the other side of the box, leaving all but of a few inches. Magicain is gone. As a surprise to all, the magician appears running down the aisle!

A modern industrial theme works grate to this illusion. But it can be a orientel or Egyptian theme.



Monster Guillotine

Standing alomst 3m high, this is a frightning sight for the audience.

The magicains head are placed in the head-stock and when the handle is pulled, the blade falling down and seperates the magicians head. 

This version is made from steel aluminum and wood. 

We include serveral safty feetures to make it foolproof.  


Grafitti Illusion

An audience member selects differents color for a persons cloth.

A scetch i drawn on a canvas whit spraycans from the platform. A cloth is raised infront of the canvas, you can se under it, and when its lowerd down a person standing on the platform whit the colors on the clothes the audience have selected. The canvs in now blank.

This was
exclusively made for Brynolf & Ljung. If you wish for a illusion like this you have to get the permission from Brynolf & Ljung.


Backstage Whit The Magician

The audience thinks they see the magician's female assistant sneak from one empty cabinet to another...but, when both boxes are nested, up through the top pops a HANDSOME YOUNG MAN...leaving no trace of the girl assistant! Your spectators think they're right with you until the very end on this one, and then...fooled again!


Up-side-down Escape


The magicial is put in a straightjacket and syspended upsidon haning from a metal frame. Below the magician is a rack of cut of pipes.

The Magician have only 60 sec to escape. 

In the last second the magician manage to swing to safty and the chain he was haning from falls down to the spikes.


This version have a lot of saft mechanism and are fool-proof.



 Created by Jim Steinmeyer


The magician shows a tray holding a pitcher of chocolate milk, an empty milk carton, and three empty glasses. He pours the chocolate milk into the carton and explains that he is distrustful of cartons because he cannot see the contents. He then pours the remaining chocolate milk from the pitcher into one of the empty glasses and gives it to an audience member to taste. The milk is verified as genuinely chocolate. The magician then pours from the carton into the two other empty glasses creating white milk and strawberry milk! His assistant then removes the tray, 3 glasses, and pitcher leaving the magician with the carton and a serving tray on the side.

The serving tray supports 6 empty glasses. The magician then fills each glass with a different drink like orange juice, soda, tea, lemonade, etc. The drinks may then be handed out for taste tests as they are genuine.